Lankan envoy says hard choices had to be made

Ahmed-A.-Jawad-570x380Sri Lanka was at a crucial juncture where hard choices had to be made, the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to Canada, Ahmed A. Jawad said.

He said this at an event held at the Official Residence of the High Commissioner in Ottawa to mark Sri Lanka’s 68th Independence Day.

It was attended by a large number of Sri Lankan Canadians representing all communities. Religious discourses on the theme of national unity were delivered by the Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic and Islamic clergy, the High Commission said in a statement.

Speaking on the occasion, Jawad highlighted the progress made by Sri Lanka over the years and in particular during the last year.

Sri Lanka, he said, was at a crucial juncture where hard choices had to be made in the cause of reconciliation and economic development in order to ensure a bright future for the country and its people.

The High Commissioner highlighted that democracy had prevailed over the period of well oversix decades as an independent nation, despite occasional challenges. This, he stated, is testimony to the dedication of the Sri Lankan people towards ensuring fundamental freedoms. The High Commissioner also spoke on the new trajectory of Sri Lanka-Canada bilateral relations.

Sri Lanka, High Commissioner Jawad said, now stands on the threshold of a new and promising era and likened its position to an instance of some soils holding their stirring for a delayed but eventually colourful flowering. He appealed to Sri Lankan Canadians to contribute in any manner they could to this process. (Colombo Gazette)